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IRIS is our analytics machine developed to perform Smart Data Analytics of renewable energy assets and the machines used for this purpose in a way that the analyzed data will translate into information that provides an actual added value to investors, sellers, asset holders, financing banks, rating agencies and M&A consultants. Especially the Potential Analysis along with information about possible output increase (potential gain) plays an important role and is regarded as a “magic number” for stakeholders along the entire investment cycle. Our clients can choose between three different analysis reports and the results are delivered as Due Diligence Reports, Status Reports and Potential Analyses. 

The detailed status and potential analyses provided by IRIS currently focus on wind turbines and entire wind farms. Additional asset classes will be gradually integrated into IRIS.

IRIS is ready to show you the amazing opportunities and results of an in-depth data analysis – get started now!

Analytics Machine

IRIS is the first ARISTOTELES technology spin-off, i.e. the basis for the detailed analysis of historic operational data are the algorithms developed by Kaiserwetter, now applied to a data analysis for a specific point in time. The data intelligence reached with this approach provides quick insight into the status of assets. Smart Data Analytics and the subsequent implementation of Machine Learning to allow for practice-oriented Predictive Analysis are the key elements for a swift analysis of wind turbines.

As an analytical machine, IRIS with its underlying computing power, delivers the analysis in question and the related report within 5 days and makes it available to our clients for download via the cloud-based data center.

Here comes the price

Number of WEA

You can create a maximum of 20 WTG. If the wind farm has more wind turbines, please contact
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Analysis & Reports

Our Due Diligence Reports have been designed to support investors, sellers, financing banks and all other players involved in an M&A process in achieving full transparency regarding the performance and technical conditions of specific wind turbines or entire wind farms.


Our Status Reports provide comprehensive status information of an asset regarding performance and technical conditions at any given point in time. If these reports are created on a regular basis, they can help asset holders, financing banks as well as rating agencies get a data-based and neutral perspective on the asset in question.


Our Potential Analysis is geared towards asset holders and financing bankswho would like to identify possible output increase potential of wind turbines or wind farms. IRIS determines, for any given point in time, the potential of a wind farm and points to possible output increase (potential gain).

IRIS in 4 steps

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Order & Data upload
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Lastly, we will need the historic data of your wind farm for IRIS to perform the analysis.


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